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Rubber Resources Lage Frontweg 2a
6219 PD Maastricht
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 43 / 3290340
+31 (0) 43 / 3257191

Brief description

Rubber Resources' recycling activities began nearly 50 years ago in Maastricht, the Netherlands. During that time, they also grew in size to three plants in total. The Maastricht plant is still the main plant, where devulcanisation of natural and butyl rubber occurs on 2 different production lines. These grades of rubber have regained their viscosity as well as the characteristics of the original compound. Their consistent quality makes it possible to be supplied to the major car tyre manufacturers all over the world, as well as to the general rubber goods industry.

The other two plants are in Belgium and South Africa. In South Africa the devulcanisation of SBR/NR (RSR) takes place. Powders and granules (RWM, RSM) are produced in Belgium as well as in South Africa.

Maastricht facilitates R&D support for all plants. The R&D department coordinates most of the major product and process improvements projects.

Product portfolio

Rubber Resources has a vast range of products:

Natural Rubber Reclaim
ECORR® RNR - Regular Natural rubber Reclaim
ECORR® RNM - Regular Natural rubber powder (M)

Butyl Rubber Reclaim
ECORR® RBR - Regular Butyl rubber Reclaim
ECORR® RSR - Regular SBR/NR rubber Reclaim

Powder and Granules
ECORR® RSM - Regular SBR/NR rubber powder and granules (M)
ECORR® RWM - Regular Whole tyre powder and granules (M)

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