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KEC Koelbl Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Heinrichstraße 10
47475 Kamp-Lintfort

+49 (0) 2842 / 965512
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Brief description

KEC Kölbl Engineering & Consulting GmbH was founded in 1997. The shareholders and managers together possess more than 35 years of technical know-how.

KEC invested in intensive research & development of a new form of production of plastic compounds and conducted elaborate experiments on re-use of old rubber (tyres etc.). KEC develops, designs and delivers processing and production systems. Under the trademark RUCOTHEL® it has also developed a series of suitable plastic compounds and patented these.

Product portfolio

KEC has developed a series of plastic compounds and patented them under the trademark RUCOTHEL®. These involve elastomer alloys and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE & TPU) based on rubber flour in combination with a variety of plastics.

KEC took advantage thereby of the positive attributes of the reprocessed rubber as the main component of a new group of materials. RUCOTHEL® is thus a product group of thermoplastic compounds that contain a defined share of rubber flour.

RUCOTHEL® can be processed using standard plastic production processes (e.g. injection moulding, extrusion, blast moulding, calendering etc.). It enables processing of a material that meets the characteristics of the finished product at a good price-performance ratio compared to traditional materials fulfilling the highest quality standards.

RUCOTHEL® can be recycled.

KEC plans and supplies production systems for these types of plastic and deals with research & development of RUCOTHEL®. KEC is cooperating among others with research institutions, the EMPA in Zurich and a range of industry partners as well as Frauenhofer UMSICHT.
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