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ART – Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH Unterthalhamstrasse 2
A-4694 Ohlsdorf

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Brief description

ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH, a subsidiary of the Asamer Group, is the Austrian market leader in the field of complete tyre recycling. All elements of a tyre – rubber, textile components, but also steel – are reprocessed completely in a specially conceived plant. The end product is high-quality materials – above all rubber granulate and rubber flour – that can be used again to manufacture new products. Every year, ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH produces up to 18,000 tonnes of rubber granulate and up to 6,000 tonnes of rubber flour from around 30,000 tonnes of old tyres.

The company’s head office, as well as the tyre recycling plant, is based in Ohlsdorf near Gmunden in Upper Austria. ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH was founded in 2002 and presently employs 25 staff. The tyre recycling plant was put into operation in 2003.

The tyre recycling plant is divided into pre-disintegration, granulation and cold grinding, whereby the old tyres are split into pieces the size of the palm of the hand and then broken down to less than four millimetres in a multi-stage granulation process. Rubber flour is then produced by cooling the material down to below minus 100 degrees Celsius and then grinding it in a special mill. The standard granule sizes for rubber granulates are 0.4 mm up to 6.0 mm and for rubber flour 0.0 mm to 0.18 mm and 0.18 mm to 0.8 mm. The company is happy to produce other granule sizes, as well as special products, at the customer’s request.

With this complete recycling process, ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH is contributing sustainably to protection of natural resources and the environment.

Product portfolio

The rubber granulates and rubber flour produced by ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH demonstrate a purity level of 99.9 percent. With that as the basis, the potential applications are manifold and range from solid rubber wheels, shoe soles and sports field surfaces, as well as fall protection mats for children’s playgrounds up to asphalt manufacturing. The granulate used by ART Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH is used in asphalt production to, on the one hand, improve the grip of the road surface and, on the other hand, to reduce noise. Later, the rubber granulate also doubles the service life of the surface. The rubber coating on the innovative guide rail system BIKE PROTECT is also made of rubber granulate resp. rubber flour.

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