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Brief description

Rubber is a versatile material. Due to ever rising raw material prices as well as high costs for the removal of waste it becomes more interesting for the rubber processing industry to reduce their own rubber waste into fine powder and use it as a filler in virgin rubber compounds.

3R NV processes vulcanised, not-reinforced technical rubber waste into powder and makes herewith also a significant contribution to relieve the environment.

Product portfolio

3R NV »Smart in Rubber Recycling« uses the cryogenic grinding technique to reduce factory rubber scrap, rejects and off cuts into various sizes of rubber powder.

Therefore, the rubber waste is pregrinded into rubber granules. Subsequently the granules are precooled with liquid nitrogen (-196c) below the glass transition temperature and pulverised in an advanced designed pin mill into fine powder with a maximum size of 800 microns. Finally the rubber powder is sieved into desired size ranges (standard sizes: 0 300 m, 300 500 m and 500 800 m).

These powders can be reused as filler in the virgin rubber mix or can be used in the compounding industry for several applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Extruded sheets and tubes
  • Injection moulded products
  • Protective layers
  • Asphalt modification
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